Karl Hubbuch

Karlsruhe 1891 - Karlsruhe 1979

Karl Hubbuch was born in Karlsruhe in 1891 and studied at the Akademie in Karlsruhe from 1908-12. Then he switched to the school of the Museum "Der angewandten Künste" in berlin and became a pupil of Emil Orlik. His training was interrupted by 4 years of military service, but he continued studying in 1920 at the "Landeskunstschule" in Karlsruhe as a master pupil in Walter Conz und Würtenberger's engravings class.
Karl Hubbuch encountered Georg Scholz' and George Grosz' works. Parallels are existing on a formal level - the combinative composition of elements in different scales and points of view and the seperating of motifs are comparable.
In 1922 the artist moved to Berlin. There Hubbuch attended - inspired by Orlik and Grosz - to the depiction of city life, which also show sociocritical and political points of view. In 1925 he was asked to teach at the Karlsruhe "Landeskunstschule", where he was appointed professor in 1928.
The artist was able to attend to oil painting, mainly objective scenes from every-day life came into being. During the 1920s and early 1930s Hubbuch's works were shown in numerous exhibitions, e.g. the "Neue Sachlichkeit" in Mannheim in 1925.
Already at the end of the 1920s Hubbuch's style changed again, which was manifested in a loosening up, a pastose painting style and a more unified body and space conception in his panel and canvas paintings.
In 1933 he was suspended in Karlsruhe and had to live on occasional jobs. In 1947 he resumed his teaching position and switched to the academy one year later to become professor. From 1957 the artist worked again freelance. Karl Hubbuch dealt intensively with Max Beckmann's work during the 1950s and developed an expressive form language. At the same time he also turned to woodcuts. In his last style period Hubbuch tied up to the 1930s, was again the physiognomic who described classes with his figures and who connected social and historic interrelations. Furth he worked with repetitions and overworks of earlier paintings.
Karl Hubbuch died in Karlsruhe on 26 December 1979.

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